Band History

Atlantic Bluegrass is a reincarnation of an earlier group by the same name.
The original band was led by the late Doug King in the 80's. The current iteration
is a five piece band playing traditional bluegrass music with a few non-traditional
novelty tunes, and some original music in the mix for variety.
We're now into our seventh year as a band with the original personnel.
The band formed up in May 2007 and played every Wednesday at Ozzie's Crab
House in Grant, FL until Ozzie's was destroyed by fire on January 2, 2008.
Atlantic Bluegrass is currently playing at the new Ozzie's Crab House at 4391 N.
Dixie Hwy in Palm Bay, FL every Wednesday, and is actively seeking additional
venues. We have over 150 songs on our current play list, and in 2012
we played 98 public and private events at 21 different venues across central
Florida. We currently have six CD's in print - see discography below.

Discography: “Crab Grass”, 2007 (out of print),“Catch the Wave”, 2008, "Take Me in Your
Lifeboat", 2008, "Hello City Limits", 2008, "Highway 40 Blues", 2009, "Pig in a
Pen" 2010,  "Mix 'n Match" released in 2011 and our latest project "Ridin' the Wave" released in August of 2013.